Technology and the Elderly

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Elderly Embrance Technology with Medical Alerts

Elderly Embrace Technology with Medical Alerts

While some of our elderly loved ones may struggle with using some type of technology there are a couple of modern day items that the elderly should be encouraged to use. While it may be a little much to contemplate bringing Grandma around to surfing the internet, she will quickly come to appreciate some of these items that make life more livable.

Any senior who does not have a cellular phone should. These inexpensive and often times user friendly devices are invaluable. Some smart phones even come with medical alert response apps to keep seniors safe and healthy. All of our society is on the phone and at record amounts of time. Taking the time to coach a senior through the basics of a cell phone is a great way to help keep them in better touch with their families. But most importantly, home phone lines are quickly becoming more expensive than the service they provide and often times still come with hefty long distance fees for calls. Teaching a loved senior how to use a cellular phone, even the older basic models, will add convenience for often a lower cost than their home phone.

With the digital information change a few years back, most homes have basic cable. Consider introducing seniors to the DVR feature. Once again, this is one of those things that saves you money and is more convenient. Movie rental stores are going out of business at an alarming rate, and the drive time to and from alone make them inconvenient. Instead, show a senior how to use DVR and cable movie features for a more convenient and entertaining experience.

The most valuable thing that you could encourage a senior to do will give them years of life. Seniors who have a medical alert service statistically live longer lives. A medical alert system is a discreet and convenient panic button carried by the senior and pressed in the case of any kind of emergency. The service then contacts and ascertains the level of emergency and contacts the appropriate parties. This can be neighbors, friends and family, and of course emergency response services. By adding a medical alert service to a seniors life you help them feel safer and more in control while maintaining their independence. Now models even offer fall technology and the ability to link the medical alert company to the household burglary alarm or even the smoke detectors.

Consider encouraging your senior friends and family to take advantage of these modern technologies for happier and more enjoyable day to day life.

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