Aug 13

Where to Install Decoy Security Camera LED?

sc2025-largeDecoy security cameras are specifically designed in order to fool those would-be thieves to think that the premise they plan to enter is properly equipped with surveillance system. The good thing about these cameras is that they look exactly like the real ones. They also come with that LED light which pan left and right or back and forth for about 30 seconds every 2 minutes. This LED light feature is used in order to give an impression that these are real models. Thus, criminals would have difficulty in telling its difference with the real one.

In addition to this, they are prices significantly less as compared to the real counterpart. Having a decoy security camera led is one of the known effective ways of deterring criminality. But this is so if these cameras are properly mounted in strategic areas which can maximize their visibility. Since, these cameras are installed to serve as a preventive measure, ensuring that they are placed on areas where they can easily be noticed is a step to its most effective service.

For residential installation, a decoy security camera LED can be installed either on the front or the back doors. These areas are considered to be one of the most vulnerable places. Intuitively, these are also the ideal areas where surveillance systems can be properly installed. You can either use dome or bullet type decoy cameras with LED light for this. Another very critical area at home is the driveway where surveillance cameras are ideal to be positioned. Aside from your security system, this area should also be properly lighted.

Proper lighting can help in dissuading intruders to use this are to gain entry to the premise. While working cameras may be installed in gates as well as fences, decoy security camera led can also be used. But you must ensure that you will install an authentic-looking and good quality dummy camera. Another notorious area at home very inviting to intruders are the window areas. Hence, it is very practical if you can also have some of your dummy cameras place here to ‘watch’ over it.

If you are an owner of a business, proper place of installation of these decoy cameras is equally important. One of the ideal areas to have it installed is in the entrance and exit doors of your premise. While real once can be effective to keep these areas secured for any shoplifter, the fake once can work as effective as well. The presence of good quality decoy cameras is enough to overwhelm these would-be criminals. The area for cash register must equally be secured with these dummy cameras. Hold up will usually occur in this part of the store and one way of preventing it is having a camera which will give an impression that everything is being recorded. The merchandise area of a store is the most susceptible area for shoplifting and theft. But, if you have a decoy security camera led which is visible to the customers coming in, this can effectively be prevented.

Here’s a great video from a company called MonoPrice about installation techniques:

I found a pretty interesting company name www.1800doorbell.com who has fake security cameras they make in-house using the real camera housings by MonoPrice.  This makes them look very realistic for just about everybody.