Aug 13

Where to Install Decoy Security Camera LED?

sc2025-largeDecoy security cameras are specifically designed in order to fool those would-be thieves to think that the premise they plan to enter is properly equipped with surveillance system. The good thing about these cameras is that they look exactly like the real ones. They also come with that LED light which pan left and right or back and forth for about 30 seconds every 2 minutes. This LED light feature is used in order to give an impression that these are real models. Thus, criminals would have difficulty in telling its difference with the real one.

In addition to this, they are prices significantly less as compared to the real counterpart. Having a decoy security camera led is one of the known effective ways of deterring criminality. But this is so if these cameras are properly mounted in strategic areas which can maximize their visibility. Since, these cameras are installed to serve as a preventive measure, ensuring that they are placed on areas where they can easily be noticed is a step to its most effective service.

For residential installation, a decoy security camera LED can be installed either on the front or the back doors. These areas are considered to be one of the most vulnerable places. Intuitively, these are also the ideal areas where surveillance systems can be properly installed. You can either use dome or bullet type decoy cameras with LED light for this. Another very critical area at home is the driveway where surveillance cameras are ideal to be positioned. Aside from your security system, this area should also be properly lighted.

Proper lighting can help in dissuading intruders to use this are to gain entry to the premise. While working cameras may be installed in gates as well as fences, decoy security camera led can also be used. But you must ensure that you will install an authentic-looking and good quality dummy camera. Another notorious area at home very inviting to intruders are the window areas. Hence, it is very practical if you can also have some of your dummy cameras place here to ‘watch’ over it.

If you are an owner of a business, proper place of installation of these decoy cameras is equally important. One of the ideal areas to have it installed is in the entrance and exit doors of your premise. While real once can be effective to keep these areas secured for any shoplifter, the fake once can work as effective as well. The presence of good quality decoy cameras is enough to overwhelm these would-be criminals. The area for cash register must equally be secured with these dummy cameras. Hold up will usually occur in this part of the store and one way of preventing it is having a camera which will give an impression that everything is being recorded. The merchandise area of a store is the most susceptible area for shoplifting and theft. But, if you have a decoy security camera led which is visible to the customers coming in, this can effectively be prevented.

Here’s a great video from a company called MonoPrice about installation techniques:

I found a pretty interesting company name who has fake security cameras they make in-house using the real camera housings by MonoPrice.  This makes them look very realistic for just about everybody.

Aug 06

Outdoor Surveillance Camera: Factors to Consider

Today’s world require every home and business owner to be vigilant in looking after the security of their properties. For some people, installing electric fences and high walls are enough protection. But, it is a matter of fact that criminals are becoming more innovative and just having these walls may not be enough. By having outdoor surveillance camera installed in your home or business, you are assured of an increased security. These cameras are considered an important part of a complete security system deterring people who trying to enter any premises. In addition, if ever someone was able to break in, these cameras can provide the law enforcer of the vital information about the thieves or burglars. But, before purchasing an outdoor surveillance cam, there are several which needs to be considered.Outdoor Fake Camera

Foremost, you have to understand that there are different kinds of outdoor surveillance cameras. The wireless security offers some flexibility when it is being set up. Some of the noted benefits associated with this kind include the ease of having it installed, the ease of having it transported from one area to another and very quiet and discreet. Since this is very compact and has no wires, there is no much indication of their presence. The wired surveillance cameras on the other hand are designed to be installed permanently.

For those areas which need constant monitoring, this kind is the better option. There are models of this kind which will require professional installation. If you do not have so many budgets for your outdoor surveillance, you may want to consider just having a dummy outdoor surveillance camera. These are good choice for homes or buildings which have less risk of experiencing break-ins. These fake cameras are designed so that potential thieves may think that the home or building has a surveillance system outdoors. These are designed to look exactly like the real ones and are also effective. When installing outdoor surveillance cameras, proper consideration to changes of lighting and landscape must be taken. It is very crucial that you place the cameras in areas which are high enough so that it cannot be reached and detached easily. But, it must also be positioned low enough so that it can clearly record any activity sought to be prevented.

With the numerous models of these security cameras for the outdoor available in the market, it is quite difficult to choose the one which will fit your needs. Shopping online can be a good option where you can also read reviews about specific models. Usually, the online reviews will tell you almost everything that you need to know about certain model from the functionality to the easy installation, and even to the possible downside of it. These reviews are free for you to read in order to get an insight of both the good and the bad side of a specific model. By being able to compare the various surveillance cameras that are available, you can surely make a sensible choice. With a good choice of outdoor surveillance camera, you security is assured.

Jun 26

Opting for Wireless Burglar Alarm

Burglars are treacherous and they can attack you just anytime of the day. Thus, putting security on top of your priority is a must. An excellent way to counter this kind of thinking of this people is to install an effective deterrent gadget. Wireless burglar alarm is becoming a trend in addressing this problem and here’s why.

The best advantage that comes with wireless burglar alarm is the ease of its installation. Furniture need not moved around so as to patch it up. Since it is wireless, this would mean that you need not deal on complex and intricate lead wirings. There is also no need for circuit testing. You may not even need to hire a team of technicians to get it done. If you are competent in do it yourself, you may be able to fit it in yourself. Another installation problem with wires system is the fact that there are materials within the home and building which cannot just be penetrated because of their value. An example of this is marble or granite made walls. When you go wireless, these will not suffer any installation destruction.

Wireless burglar alarm is facing the controversy of susceptibility to being hacked. Thus, some claims that your security may be jeopardize. What they should realize is that it will take utmost skill and effort in order to do that. If someone has the ability to hack wireless burglar alarm, it will be very unlikely that stealing is his primary source of living. It all boils down to the fact that no system can guarantee 100%. But, what you need to do is to make breaking in as difficult as possible.

Traditional wired system has limitation on where it you can install the detectors. For building with thick walls, getting the sensor wired may be very challenging. The outdoor of the building may also be difficult to have a wired system installed. Wireless burglar alarm eliminates this problem. You will be able to have your sensor anywhere so long as it is within its range. You may also use some tricks so that you can make the coverage even further. With less limitation on where it can be installed, you will have wider areas covered by your security system.

As compared to wired burglar alarms, the wireless is very expandable. You will be able to add extra sensors and detectors to your main system. This will also work with vibration sensor, shock sensor as well as broken glass sensor, and only time can tell what the future will offer. The accessories available are not only for intruders, there are also detectors of any of impending home emergencies like carbon monoxide, fire, and flood.

Wireless Burglar Alarm with KeypadWireless burglar system may cost a little more than its wired counterpart. But, if you are going to add the cost of installation on top of it, it will still be more expensive. The price that goes with wireless system is all worth the security it can offer you. As technology develops, wireless system will surely bring security at homes to the next level.

Don’t think that all wireless home security systems are expensive or hard to install.  As a matter of fact, there are several easy to install, DIY home alarm type of products that are inexpensive and actually install in a matter of seconds.  One that quickly comes to mind is the one featured in the image to the left.  This product has a door/window alarm that functions as an entrance alert that sounds a loud alarm when the door or window is opened.  To shut off the alarm, the user has to enter a programmed key set by the user.

Jun 20

Choosing the Best Wireless Home Security

Preventing your home from being the target of unscrupulous burglars is very easy. Keep in mind that no matter how secure the lock in your home, thieves can easily break-in. It is because as the world becomes highly modernized, these people are also enhancing their techniques of getting into anthers house. In this sense, the best solution is to keep your home and family safe by using the

Wireless Home Security System

Wireless Home Security System


Nowadays, there are plenty of home security products that you can choose to install in your place. However, it is necessary to choose the best one so that you can get the most of your money. Here are some of the best wireless home security systems that you can choose.

1. Remote Internet Security Camera – This device operates by plugging it directly into the computer. It can be used either indoors or outdoors anytime of the type. Likewise, it can also serve the purpose in both home and business. The good thing about this home security device is that even if you are away from home you can still monitor the happenings in your computer or laptop.

2. Electronic Watchdog – This security device is very popular for homes and businesses. Definitely, intruders will be shock as they hear the barking sound of a dog. When an intruder enters within the protection area, the sound will be heard. Likewise, this wireless home security device can detect object 20 feet away and can see through cement, wood, brick and glass. The new model of this device has remote for disarming and arming the system as well as panic feature.

Aside from those devices, there are other home security systems that are time tested. Whatever brand or model of security system you may choose you can expect that it all serves the purpose of keeping your home, family and business safe. On the other hand, when buying security system you need to take into account some criteria such as the cost, ease of installation and the ease of locating changes as well as possible expansion.

This system can be controlled, activated and deactivated by the owner through the main keypad or a remote keypad. On the other hand, despite of the ease of installation, convenience and usability of the best wireless home security system it is necessary to consult a professional to inspect your place. In this way you will know the right type of device that you can install in your home.

Installing security system in your home can cost you money but it will save you more money and time in the long run. It is because once you have this security system you need not hire security officer to man your house especially when you are away. The security system will protect your properties and family from intruders. That is why if you are planning to purchase security device you should choose the best wireless home security system that is efficient and cost-effective. It will not only keep away burglars but can help also in reducing untoward incidents in the neighborhood.

Mar 05

Basic Components of a Good Driveway Alarm Chime

About Driveway SensorDriveway alert chimes are a way of alerting home owners that there is a disturbance or presence in their driveway. This is done by a sensor picking up the presence of either a human or car in the driveway that was not there before. This is especially useful for being alerted of a potential car thieves, house intruder or vandal who has entered your property in the middle of the night. The driveway alert chimes act like a digital watchdog, looking over your property and family.

A driveway alarm is a simple system which comprises a sensor which is usually wall mounted to the house or an external garage. This sensor is connected via a wireless signal to a receiver unit which acts as the alarm. If the sensor picks up any changes in large mass object appearing i.e. a human or car the alarm will be raised. This is when the driveway alert chimes take action, letting the home owner know that someone or something is there. The sensor is usually configured to only set off the alert signal when a large change is detected. This is so small animals such as dogs, cats and birds do not set off the sensor. In cheap to mid range units there is usually only one alert chime, this is usually a standardized alert sound. However in the more expensive top range units there are sometimes a choice of driveway alert chimes. These systems allow the owner to choose an alert that is best suited to their tastes. They also allow a distinctive alert chime to be chosen, this is because some of the cheaper models have chimes similar to other household items. Therefore the alert could be mistaken for an alarm or a microwave tone.

A good driveway monitor unit, like the Di2000S-A by Security2020 will also have a silence setting, this means that the alarm is not being raised during the day. During the day there will be a lot of passers by and so you don’t want an alarm going when you are getting your mail delivered. Keeping the alarm on its silent setting until night time is recommended. This means that you will only be alerted if there is actually an emergency.

Having a wireless driveway alarm also works as a public deterrent against theft. Having visible security is half the battle of keeping out thieves. It is just as important in stopping them as it is in recording their movements. Burglars usually look for the easiest steal, this is because they naturally do not want to get caught. A fully secured house with visible sensors and alarms is not an easy target. So burglars will usually move onto another house and attempt to steal from there instead. When it comes to home security it is all about putting yourself in the safest position possible against intruders and burglars. That is exactly what driveway alert chimes do.

Sep 12

Why Driveway Security is Important

Your driveway serves as the gateway to your home. It is imperative that you make driveway security a priority when



you are looking to increase your homes comprehensive security. A simple sensor system installed on your driveway will alert you to visitors that are approaching your home and also to a number of dangers that might be coming.

Buying driveway security sensors online is easy. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars for a security company to come out and install alarms and sensors on your home. Especially when you only want a few strategically placed sensors. Find an online retailer that provides these sensors for a reasonable rate and get them yourself online.

You might be surprised by how easy it is to install a sensor on your own driveway. You can complete the project in an afternoon on your own with some basic tools. Test your sensor after its installation to make sure it is in proper working order and then you can turn it on any time you want to monitor your driveway.

Living in a remote area can be scary enough. Not know when someone approaching your home can completely throw you off guard when a visitor is not expected. It is important to be able to know when your security may be in jeopardy so that you can take proper precautions. Do yourself a favor and increase your security so that you will not have to worry about not knowing when trouble was on its way.

Sep 11

Want to Learn Options to Improve Your Driveway Security Today?

Many people these days are curious about the ways that they can make their homes that much more safe, and one of the ways that people are doing such a thing is driveway security technology. This is something that is becoming more and more popular in recent days, and you can learn more about the options that are available to you with relative ease thanks to the Internet and the information so readily available within it. Whether you are nervous about your children leaving the property without your knowledge, or you just want to prevent anyone from coming onto your property without your being forewarned, these are great examples of how this type of device can help to maintain the safety of your home with a minimal amount of effort and expense.

One of the best ways that people are making sure that they get the right product for their specific needs is through the reading of driveway sensor reviews. More and more people are taking the time out of their lives to express their opinions and experiences on the consumer products that they have purchased in their lives, and this is definitely one of the products that has a lot of writing on the subject that you can access for free.

Being an informed consumer has never been as easy as it is today, and you can take advantage of all the information that is out there and available to you with a minimal amount of effort, so get reading today and find out what the best options are for you today.

learn about driveway alarms

learn about driveway alarms

Sep 10

How a Driveway Sensor Works

Do you own a home with a long driveway? Purchasing a driveway sensor will alert you if there is a car approaching your home. This may be beneficial for a number of reasons. It can help you to prepare for a guest or warn the police if you suspect an intruder is approaching.

There are several reasons why driveway security sensors are so helpful. They work to provide you with an advance warning of when a vehicle is approaching your home. If you live in a secluded area you probably can be pretty confident that there should not be anyone accidentally needing to turn around in your driveway on the middle of the night. You can alert the authorities immediately before the car even reaches your home.

Know when a car is pulling up your driveway before you are able to see it after the tires run over the sensor that you have set up. You can place these sensors at the base of your driveway or several hundred feet from where your driveway meets the road. It is up to you. The closer you place the sensor to your home the less time you will have to react to the sensors.

If you have a long driveway or a driveway with low visibility invest in one of these sensors to give you a heads up when you have company or the potential for danger headed your way. You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that there is a system in place working to protect you and keep you out of harms way.

Sep 05

Benefits of a Wireless Driveway Alarm

Consider the benefits of a wireless driveway alarm the next time you miss a special delivery or guest, or wind up fretting about whether or not an unwelcome intruder has entered your property. If you are someone living in a rural area who has a substantially large yard, then there is simply no way for you to keep track of what is going on in the perimeter of your home without one of these alarms. The latest models offer special features that are sure to suit your specific needs.

For instance, the driveway alarm reveiws point out that the newer models come with specific sounds for each area outside of your home. Perhaps you always tell guests to come around to a side door, while someone delivering a package would naturally walk to the front door. This is an important distinction, and you will know immediately who has entered your property by the alarm sound.

Another benefit relates to small children you might want to keep out of the driveways when vehicles are coming or going. Use the alarm as an alert to the kids that they need to stop playing outside or clear the driveway. If you tell your whole family about the alarm, it will make you feel more confident when you let your children play outside on their own.

Plus, the alarm is easy to install, and the weatherproof exterior means that the systems are built to last. The systems can be installed by amateurs just like you, and most even come with a generous two-year warranty. If you have ever felt like your home needs additional security, the driveway alarm is a great place to start since it is such a useful yet simple accessory for the home.

Sep 05

Find Out More About Driveway Sensors as an Option for You

Plenty of people these days want to make sure that their homes are protected, and one of the ways that people are doing such a thing is through driveway sensors