Mar 05

Basic Components of a Good Driveway Alarm Chime

About Driveway SensorDriveway alert chimes are a way of alerting home owners that there is a disturbance or presence in their driveway. This is done by a sensor picking up the presence of either a human or car in the driveway that was not there before. This is especially useful for being alerted of a potential car thieves, house intruder or vandal who has entered your property in the middle of the night. The driveway alert chimes act like a digital watchdog, looking over your property and family.

A driveway alarm is a simple system which comprises a sensor which is usually wall mounted to the house or an external garage. This sensor is connected via a wireless signal to a receiver unit which acts as the alarm. If the sensor picks up any changes in large mass object appearing i.e. a human or car the alarm will be raised. This is when the driveway alert chimes take action, letting the home owner know that someone or something is there. The sensor is usually configured to only set off the alert signal when a large change is detected. This is so small animals such as dogs, cats and birds do not set off the sensor. In cheap to mid range units there is usually only one alert chime, this is usually a standardized alert sound. However in the more expensive top range units there are sometimes a choice of driveway alert chimes. These systems allow the owner to choose an alert that is best suited to their tastes. They also allow a distinctive alert chime to be chosen, this is because some of the cheaper models have chimes similar to other household items. Therefore the alert could be mistaken for an alarm or a microwave tone.

A good driveway monitor unit, like the Di2000S-A by Security2020 will also have a silence setting, this means that the alarm is not being raised during the day. During the day there will be a lot of passers by and so you don’t want an alarm going when you are getting your mail delivered. Keeping the alarm on its silent setting until night time is recommended. This means that you will only be alerted if there is actually an emergency.

Having a wireless driveway alarm also works as a public deterrent against theft. Having visible security is half the battle of keeping out thieves. It is just as important in stopping them as it is in recording their movements. Burglars usually look for the easiest steal, this is because they naturally do not want to get caught. A fully secured house with visible sensors and alarms is not an easy target. So burglars will usually move onto another house and attempt to steal from there instead. When it comes to home security it is all about putting yourself in the safest position possible against intruders and burglars. That is exactly what driveway alert chimes do.